Q:  How often should I change the filters in my HVAC system?

A:  We recommend checking the filter monthly; if it looks dirty, change it. Filters should be changed a minimum of once every 3 months. If anyone in the home has allergies it is suggested to change the filter every 30-45 days.


Q:  How often should I have a tune up performed on my furnace and/or air conditioner?

A:  Most furnace manufacturers recommend a fall inspection done once a year by a certified professional. Most problems your equipment may encounter can be taken care of or spotted before it happens giving you the chance to fix or replace it before it becomes an emergency.

Parts like the pilot light, air filter, and cooling fan are commonly known for malfunctioning. Yearly inspections give professionals a chance to fix these problems ahead of time.


Q:  How long should a furnace/AC last?

A:  Furnaces about 20-25 years, ACs about 10-15.  These are guideline numbers, equipment age will change based on how well maintained it is and how hard it has had to work.

Yearly inspections paired with proper maintenance can extend the life of your furnace drastically. Because of this you can save thousands down the road in expensive installation and unit costs.