Southeast Calgary HVAC Installation Services

Why choose an HVAC contractor?

Thinking about replacing your old furnace, air conditioning system, or hot water heater? If so, considering contacting a professional HVAC systems contractor to help you! What you will get from the equipment is greatly affected by the size and quality of the installation. With years of experience in the business, Correll Heating and Cooling provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee while giving you peace of mind.

What do we install?

Correll Heating and Cooling takes care of all high-efficiency furnace & air conditioning installations, tank/tankless hot water heater installations, and thermostat installations. We also provide a wide range of HVAC and furnace repair services.

We can determine the right size for your HVAC equipment and guarantee the quality of the installation. Be worry-free knowing your project is covered by professionals with years in the industry.

Furnace Installation Services

Alberta can get extremely cold in the winter. That’s why it is crucial to make sure your heating systems are in top-notch shape. Correll carries only the highest-quality brands available to help make sure your home is heated properly for years to come. Our highly trained technicians specialize in the installation and repair of all furnace brands and models. The brands we typically work with are Trane, Coleman, Ameristar, and American Standard.

We offer high-efficiency furnace and heating solutions to Southeast Calgary and its surrounding areas. All of our furnaces meet/exceed the energy efficiency standards set by Natural Resources Canada (90% AFUE).

Air Conditioning Installation Services

Calgarians know how hot Alberta summers get! That’s why Correll Heating and Cooling specializes in high-efficiency air conditioning system installations and repairs.

We are dedicated to giving our clients the proper comfort they require in their home. Different models come with assorted levels of comfort and efficiency – so let us take you from start to finish with a system that fits your life.

Tankless Hot Water Heater Installation Services

What is a tankless hot water heater?

Tankless water heaters save homeowners 30% a year on average in heating bills by utilizing heat exchange technology to instantly heat up water – versus the traditional way of holding up to 50 gallons of heated water in a large tank.

Tankless Water Heater Installations

There is a few things you should keep in mind if you want to purchase a tankless water heater.

First of all, the smaller models can only handle one or two faucets at a time. Because of this, it will end up being a problem if you want to shower while running the clothes washer. The bigger models are usually designed to handle a family household, but have a much larger price than the smaller models.

Secondly, installations can be rather expensive and hard to complete on your own. Most tankless water heater installations require professional help, so contact Correll Heating and Cooling to ask any questions or to schedule a tankless water heater installation.

High-efficiency heating and air conditioning solutions

All of our products and brands are highly energy efficient to help keep your bills low and your home comfortable. Our certified installations and repair technicians always keep the environment and clients wallet in mind during servicing. Replace your old and inefficient unit today by contacting Correll Heating and Cooling.